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Top 10 Moments in Wii history

by Jake

No more speculation, no more rumors, later this week we find out the Wii U's launch date and price. Indeed, it is almost time to pre-order your console, games, and extra controllers. In the meantime why not join me and reflect on the best moments the Wii gave us over the past 6 years. By the way, I did have to restrain myself from calling this a trip down "Miimory lane..."

#10 The fact that the Wii launched with a Zelda game!

Ok, so it was a slightly updated version of an intentionally delayed Gamecube title, with a right-handed Link... blah, blah, blah. Who Cares!!! For the first time in history we got to bring home a brand new Legend of Zelda game with our brand new console... talk about a killer app. Also,  Final Fantasy XII was released about a month prior to the Wii launch giving RPG fans plenty to do during the winter of 2006. 
Not quite as inspiring as this Zelda trailer but pretty cool nonetheless...

Will there be Deja Vu on the Wii U? 

No. There will not be a Zelda Game available at launch unless Nintendo pulls the biggest surprise in the history of the video game world.

#9 Getting a perfect spin on the ball and a strike in Wii Sports Bowling

The first time we picked up the Wii Remote and hit the virtual bowling alley was a step into a new realm of gaming (and we didn't even need to rent shoes). We learned the subtlety of the controller as we went from simply flailing our arm forward as fast as possible to getting spin and control over the ball. Simple to play and tough to master, Wii Sports Bowling was a fitting entry into the realm of motion controlled gaming. 
   Only 8 in a row???

Will there be Deja Vu on the Wii U? 

Probably. Rumors abound of a Wii U Sports title and it would be an easy way for Nintendo to entice Wii Sports lovers to buy the new console. However, the control may not be the same and we may have to learn a new way to spin the ball.

#8 SSBB multiplayer

I was a huge fan of the original Super Smash Bros. I remember the first time I played it with a friend we dubbed it "the greatest game of all time." Matter of fact as soon as I saw this article, I quickly filled out the surveys needed to acquire 200 coins and download the game from the Wii Shop. I was not as big a fan of  SSBM as others but I love SSBB. The local and online multiplayer modes (with multiple controller options) are awesome. I remember my wife and I had 3 college students over to our house and SSBB was the hit of the party. Two of these students were from a Spanish speaking university in Texas and the other was a southern seminary student, proving SSBB is a universal language. 

When a video this grainy get 1.7 million views, you know people love this game!

Will there be Deja Vu on the Wii U?

Yes. Get ready to beat up Pac-Man, too. It has been announced and Namco is developing the game for Wii U and 3DS. 

#7 Madden '09 lets you call your shots

By the time Madden '09 rolled around, the title had become well settled in the current console generation (i.e.little more than a roster update). Then along comes Madden '09 for the Wii with a new feature and a cover controversy for the ages. The call your shots feature added new life to the game and has become a staple of the Madden games for Nintendo systems... it should be in all of them. 

Watch this video for a lesson on how to call your shots and dance awkwardly.

Will there be Deja Vu on the Wii U?

Shot called! You won't have the new  Infinity Engine but you will be able to draw your routes using the Wii U Gamepad in Madden 13.

#6 Metroid Prime Trilogy

How do you make some of the most beloved games in the world even better? Tastefully enhance the graphics, add a few new touches, and tweak the controls enough to immerse the player like never before. An instant classic collection of classic games, Metroid Prime trilogy rekindled the love between Metroid fans and the adventures of Samus.

Still sweet enough to make us forgive the big N for forgetting Metroid's 20th anniversary last year. 

Will there be Deja Vu on the Wii U?

Who knows? Retro Studios is working on a Wii U game and if it is not a Metroid Prime title, hopefully the next one will be. As far as Metroid Prime Trilogy, would it really be beyond the realm of possibility for Nintendo to re-release it on the Wii U Virtual Console or tweak it again and release some sort of Metroid Anthology?

#5 Beating a purple comet stage in Super Mario Galaxy:

The first encounter with a purple comet stage is an exercise in frustration... so is the second... the third... the fourth... and each time after until you begin to master the stage. Frustration becomes excitement as you draw nearer to the goal. A combination of memory, skill, and pure luck bring you closer to that 100th coin.  suddenly, just when you thought you'd done it, you realize you still need to grab the star AFTER you get the final coin. The clock is ticking, your hands are shaking, your heart is pumping, you grab the star, and become a video game champion

It is darn near as much fun to watch as it is to play.

Will there be Deja Vu on the Wii U?

Most likely. The Galaxy team is working on a Mario game for the Wii U and it is a safe bet that we will cross paths with the purple comet again. 

#4 The Virtual Console gives us "import only" games:

Simply put, the Virtual Console rocks. Not only were we able to get our hands on rare and/or expensive games like Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid,  & Super Smash Bros. (Earthbound fans are still waiting) for cheap, we were also able to acquire a collection of import titles. My personal favorites are Datana Twin Bee, Sin & Punishment, and DoReMI Fantasy. 

DoReMi Fantasy- import price= about the cost of a Wii, VC price= about the cost of a frappe.

Will there be Deja Vu on the Wii U?

Well.... you will be able to play current V.C. titles on the Wii U but let's hope the library will expand to include modern imports as well. 

#3 Monster Hunter Tri's online community:

I had never before (and never again) encountered and online community as helpful as that of Monster Hunter Tri. Not once did I hear (or read) a single slur or insult dished out. Instead, people met in the taverns, geared up, and headed out as a team. Matter of fact, I distinctly remember I got antsy after battling a diablos for 30 minutes and attacked him as he slept. The monster woke up and swiftly wiped out our entire party. I expected to be ridiculed, mocked, and cursed out. To my surprise, my 3 fellow hunters dusted themselves off and headed back into battle at my side, coupled by words of encouragement that, "We'd get him this time"... and we did!

Yup, these bosses are menacing but you will get by with some help from your friends.

Will there be Deja Vu on the Wii U?

Likely. Capcom has confirmed a new Monster Hunter for the USA and is even considering bringing Monster Hunter Frontier to new platforms. 

#2 Everything about Super Paper Mario... Especially Squirps!

Like Twilight Princess, Super Paper Mario was a slightly updated and intentionally delayed title but the updates and the delay paid off in spades. Brilliant gameplay, graphics, story, and script make this THE seminal Paper Mario game. Yup, I like it more than the N64 and GCN offerings. I even like it more than Super Mario RPG, which was released on my birthday in 1996 (and was my gift to myself). Let's hope the upcoming 3DS title follows in Super Paper Mario's footsteps and gives us another perfect action RPG. By the way, Squirps deserves his own game just as much as Geno.

Jump to 5:50 to see the introduction of Squirps!!!

Will there be Deja Vu on the Wii U?

Let's keep our fingers crossed. Although the upcoming Paper Mario game for the 3DS returns to turn based battles; maybe, just maybe, we will see Super Paper Mario return to our TV screens. 

#1 Getting your name on the leaderboards in Geometry Wars Galaxies:

Just when I thought I could get past my obsession with leaderboards, trophies, and bragging rights on Geometry Wars for XBox Live; here comes Geometry Wars Galaxies for the Wii with more galaxies, challenges, and even bonus content with the DS version. There was no video game experience more intense than Geometry Wars and all the new stuff in Galaxies only sweetened the pot. Plus, the Classic Controller (with octagonal cutouts for the dual analog sticks) is the perfect way to control the game.  

Since I am a pastor my Wii "tag" is REVROCK... notice Hellsent beat me... we do live in a broken world :)

Wii there be Deja Vu an the Wii U? 

Not bloody likely. Unless someone picks up the license (Bizarre Creations and Sierra Entertainment no longer exist) and resurrects this series, the only way to play it is via backward compatibility. 

Those are my top Wii Moments, what are yours?

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