Friday, January 18, 2013

Wii U: The first 2 months

Now that the launch is over, the downloads and updates have long been acquired, and launch titles have been beaten. I take a look back at my first 60 days with Nintendo's newest console.

Getting a new game console is a lot like any other relationship. The more time you spend with the console the more you begin to learn all the quirks, surprises, and features it brings to your living room. You also begin to notice what you like and don't like about the console. Most importantly, you hope that the relationship will last a long time.

Here are my personal top 5 favorite things about the Wii U:

#1 Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed

I couldn't imagine any better way to advertise this game

My wife bought me a copy of Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition for Christmas but having played through the game on another console I returned it and picked up Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed: Bonus Edition instead. I could not be more pleased with this choice. Not only did I save 10 bucks on the purchase but I have found my favorite Wii U title. SASRT:BE (even the acronyms for game titles are getting to be a bit lengthy) takes everything that made Sega arcade games great and blends it with the best of the kart racing genre. Fan service is dished out in every aspect of the game- from the title screen to the characters, power ups, and tracks. The game boasts a lengthy and challenging career mode, online modes, and arcade style single races. I know that many critics initially lambasted the Wii U version of the game but Sega has dutifully rectified all the issues with a downloadable software update. Bottom line- SASRT:BE is the kind of game that could have kept the Dreamcast alive.... Yes, I did just go there. 

#2 The Miiverse

I had no idea what to expect from the Miiverse but I have been pleasantly surprised by what it has shown thus far. Mimicking the arcade chatter of yesteryear, you can find bragging rights, helpful hints, and humor. One of the coolest things is the fan made art in the Miiverse. It is truly amazing how people are using the Gamepad as their virtual canvas. No doubt Nintendo will come up with more uses for the Miiverse but I am more excited by what the creative fan base may have up their sleeves.  

#3 Using the Gamepad web browser

The Gamepad has become my "go to" tool to quickly check my email and do quick online searches. While it may not be a full fledged tablet, I would wager to say that the Wii U boasts the most useful web browser on any game console.

#4 Full Wii to Wii U data transfer

Watch the Pikmin get'r done in this video

This feature brings us true backward compatibility. No need to hold onto old memory cards or buy memory card adapters. Plus, you can fully transfer all of your Wiiware and Virtual Console purchases as well. 

#5 New Super Mario Bros. U

The Koopalings; Gloriously carrying on 1980's video game villainy

I gave NSMBWU a perfect score 2 months ago and I stick by my review today.  Matter of fact, I still have star coins to collect and secret exits to find  long after beating Bowser in the final battle. 

All in all I have been quite pleased with Nintendo's new console. Sure I have had a few console crashes, the updates can be a bit slow to download, and I wish the TV remote had more features but the pros definitely outweigh the cons for me. 

So those are my favorite things about the Wii U. How about yours?


  1. It's got to be Zombi u. Definitely game of the year for me last year. Proper survival horror, done well with good use of the gamepad. The nursery has to be one of the scariest moments of any game that i have ever played.

    I also like the fact that some games can be played purely on the gamepad, it's cool that you don't have to turn the tv on to play a game.

    2 player co-op on using tv and gamepad screen is just really nice aswell, especially with Black ops 2. I think it's something should do more of. I'm thinking Metroid on the Wii u will make use of this feature.

  2. Goggy, great points!

    I had ZombiU a one of the possibilities for my list. Unfortunately I have not played the game that much, yet. I do know this- it is MUCH better than many reviewers say it is. In fact, ZombiU is probably the most talked about game among my circle of friends with a Wii U.

  3. i reckon zombi u was treated unfairly by critics too. its much better than it was given credit for, although the cricket bat hitting was repetitive.


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