Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blood of the Werewolf coming to Wii U eShop

Screenshot of video game Blood of the Werewolf, which is coming to the Wii U eShop in June

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Scientifically Proven Entertainment founder Nathaniel "Than" McClure discussed his company's upcoming game Blood of the Werewolf, which is in development for the PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network, with a Wii U eShop release scheduled for June.

McClure cited the Castlevania series as a major source of inspiration, as well as many others, including Mega Man, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Metroid, Ninja Gaiden, and Strider. Here's an excerpt about the game's storyline:

You play as Selena, one of the last of the Wolf Clan. Her parents, both refugees from the werewolf genocide in Europe, taught Selena to keep her abilities secret from the world in order to survive. Still, fearing that their enemies would follow them to America, Selena's father Nicolae taught her to fight.

When Selena turned 13, as is tradition for the Wolf Clan, she killed her first prey. She was presented with the Wolf Clan Sigil, which she wears on her side. Selena married Marko, another member of the Wolf Clan, and together they moved from the city to a small farm house away from others. Here, they were free to release the wolf within. Soon after, Selena gave birth to a son, Nickoli. They were a peaceful, happy family — but that peace was not meant to last.

The story opens with Selena coming home one evening to discover her husband Marko brutally murdered and her infant son missing. The game takes place over a single full moon night as Selena journeys through the city that is controlled by the three major houses; Frankenstein, Jekyll, and Dracula. She must encounter and overcome many minions, obstacles, and bosses to find the last of the wolf line, her son.

McClure, who recently left Activision after working on the Call of Duty franchise, emphasized that Blood of the Werewolf is not a casual platformer, describing at as "a brutal white knuckle experience."

This game is not a casual platformer. Blood of the Werewolf is a brutal white knuckle experience that will test you and push your platforming skill. We are currently working on a few unique Wii U GamePad features that highlight that classic swear-inducing experience, including leaderboard and friend tracking elements, level maps, and "secret area" indicators. The GamePad is a unique and welcome design challenge.

You can read the full interview via the source link below. Trailer after the break.

Source: Nintendo Life

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