Friday, March 22, 2013

HMV drops price of Wii U Premium to £199.99, includes copy of ZombiU with bundle

UK retailer HMV has reduced the price of the Wii U Premium Pack to £199.99. Bundle includes copy of ZombiU.
Image Credit: MCVUK

UK retailer HMV has reduced the price of the Wii U Premium Pack to just £199.99. The store is also including a copy of Ubisoft's survival-horror game ZombiU in the bundle, which means consumers will be saving £140.

This is currently the lowest price for Nintendo's console in the United Kingdom. Other retailers in the region have dropped prices as well, but not to this extent. The lowest price had previously been £249.99. However, as Ben Parfitt of MCVUK has pointed out,  HMV is "in dire straights" with "its gaming aspirations up for question," which means "the price could in part be driven by a desire to empty warehouses of video games stock." This is an important thing to note, something which many gaming sites are failing to report.

HMV had claimed the deal would not go live until Monday, March 25th, but Eurogamer is reporting that customers have already been taking advantage of it, as evidenced by a photo of a customer receipt.

The Big N recently announced that they are planning on meeting with retailers in the region to discuss how they can increase sales of the new system.

Sources: MCVUK, Eurogamer

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