Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nintendo reveals new plans for Miiverse

Wara Wara Plaza on Wii U

Miiverse producer Kiyoshi Mizuki has revealed that Nintendo is planning on making a number of improvements to their social network in the coming months. The Miiverse API will be updated in the future with a new version of the Wii U Software Development Kit which will allow for new interactions. Here is a brief summary of what users can expect.

  •     Players will be able to send and receive comments in-game.
  •     Players will be able to see ‘Yeahs’ in-game.
  •     They can follow users, and see who users are following in-game.
  •     Users will be able to launch games from Miiverse Posts
  •     Launch buttons on Miiverse posts can contain program arguments, so it will be possible to boot directly to a certain level or menu in a game
  •     Can work with online datastore for additional functionality
  •     Mizuki posited the potential application of level editing and sharing via Miiverse;
  •     envisions a game where users bring the game to life (sounds very LBP)
  •     User Sub-Communities (like Mario Kart 7′s) are coming to Miiverse
  •     Can be used to organise and hold tournaments
  •     First game to use them is Wii Fit U
  •     Nintendo is canvassing developers for anything else they’d like to see in the API

Source: Nintendo World Report via NeoGAF

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