Monday, March 18, 2013

Retailers taking pre-orders for Disney Infinity

Image of Disney Infinity Starter Pack with the words "Pre-order now" displayed

Disney Infinity is scheduled for release in August, but a few retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop are already taking pre-orders for the game. Starter packs, figures, play sets, and power discs are all available for pre-order, and as you might expect, there are bonuses for those who do so. Here's a quick summary of what's available:

Starter Pack: Includes game, Infinity Base, four figures, three play sets, a Power Disc, and a Power Pack
Available in three-figure packs or sold individually
Play Sets
Power Discs

Pre-order bonuses
-Amazon offering free figure along with a power pack for pre-ordering Starter Pack
-Best Buy and GameStop offering a single figure for free


Disney Infinity - Amazon

Disney Infinity - Best Buy

Disney Infinity - GameStop

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