Monday, March 4, 2013

Ubisoft on Rayman Legends NFC trailer, Beyond Good & Evil 2

A glimpse at how Rayman Legends might have used the GamePad's NFC capabilities.

Ubisoft managing director Xavier Poix recently spoke with IGN about a few of the company's biggest titles. He had a few interesting comments about Rayman Legends, specifically the leaked trailer which showed some of the ideas the development team had in mind for the GamePad's NFC functionality.
“We’ve always tried to create the best experience we could in every generation of Rayman. It’s a game and a franchise that can appeal to you, as an older gamer, or an even older audience, but also appeal to smaller children. When Wii U announced the NFC reader, we thought about that. I can’t disclose any more on this, but what has leaked is something we were thinking about.”
Poix then addressed Beyond Good & Evil 2, which was announced years ago but hasn't been discussed much by Ubisoft since. Poix says that Michel Ancel has been focused primarily on Rayman in recent years, which has delayed progress on the sequel to the critically acclaimed game.
“Michel is like 300 people. Each of them is doing something. If Beyond Good & Evil 2 is made at some point, then Michel will have to focus those 300 people on that one thing. Today it’s Rayman Legends. We’ll see. But of course that’s something that we have. It’s one of those rare games where, each time I have the opportunity to speak with gamers or the press, we talk about that. There’s something magical about this game. It’s always on our mind, what we could do with it. But there’s nothing to say right now.”

Source: IGN

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