Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Video - Miiverse updates: March 13, 2013

Miiverse users can allow only players who have played particular games to reply to their posts
Now you can allow only users who have played a game to comment on your posts.

Nintendo has updated Miiverse again, adding a few new features and making some changes.

-Users can now view all posts they've given a "Yeah" to, which makes it easier for them to find their favorite posts.
-Users have more control over posts: they can allow only those who have played a particular game to comment on their posts.
-Staff members of Nintendo and developers now have a green notice above their profile which says who they work for.
-The Miiverse settings for users 12 years of age and under have been changed. They orginally were only allowed to view posts by friends, but now new users will have the "Everyone" option enabled by default.
-Communities will now remember your preferences for viewing posts.

YouTube user NintenDaan has uploaded a video which covers all of the changes. You can watch it after the break.


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