Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures coming to Wii U

Screenshot of protagonist in The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

The Angry Video Game Nerd is one of the most popular video game-related shows on YouTube, starring James Rolfe as the titular Nerd who reviews poorly-made titles for older consoles. A game based on the series called The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is in development, and a post on Facebook has confirmed that it is coming to "Nintendo consoles," meaning the Wii U and 3DS.

The game is a side-scrolling platformer designed with retro-style graphics and audio, featuring 10 action-packed levels. It appears to take cues from a number of NES classics, including the Mega Man series. There is no word on when it will arrive, but we'll be sure and post an update when a release date is given. Trailer after the break.

Source: Facebook

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