Friday, April 12, 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Launch Trailer

...and a few notes on DLC for the Wii U version.

Batman and Green Arrow in Injustice: Gods Among Us

Update - 4/18/13: Producer Hector Sanchez says that a patch is in the works for the Wii U version of the game. Click here for details.

Original Story

NetherRealm's fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us is scheduled for release in North America on April 16th, and in Europe on April 19th. The official launch trailer has just been released, and it touches on the plot of the game, which tells the story of how some of the most well-known heroes and villains from the DC Comics Universe take up sides against one another under the leadership of Superman and Batman. You can find the trailer after the break.

A number of our readers have been searching the site for "Wii U Injustice DLC," and I have seen quite a few forum threads filled with users asking if the game's downloadable content is coming to Nintendo's console. In March, Kevin Cassidy of GoNintendo made the following post on his website:

It's looking more and more likely that these special DLC bits aren't going to hit Wii U. We've asked Warner Bros. about this situation, but have yet to hear an answer back. We'll give you the full rundown as soon as we hear.

UPDATE - Warner's Twitter account has stated that there's no DLC plans at this time.

-Kevin Cassidy, Go Nintendo

In addition, another Twitter user recently asked if the DLC is coming to the system and received a similar response. Take a look.

As you can see, that Tweet came out almost two weeks ago. The game is set to launch next week, so there's still hope. We'll keep you posted. If any of you find out one way or the other, drop us a tip. Launch trailer for the game after the break.


  1. Any updates yet on the DLC for Wii U? Or still none?

    1. Sorry, there's nothing to report. If the DLC were coming to the Wii U, I'm pretty sure NetherRealm would have said so by now. I'll post an update if there's confirmation one way or the other.

  2. It's beginning to look more and more like the Wii U's being sidelined in the console market. Late releases for games, not receiving DLC packs... I'm beginning to seriously regret buying the console.

    Any news on exclusive games for the Wii U at all? Perhaps something which make the most of the touch screen technology as part of the gameplay perhaps?

    1. Not much to report right now. Wikipedia isn't a reliable source but they do have a list of Wii U exclusives. Maybe you'll see something that interests you:

      Wii U-only games - Wikipedia

      Unfortunately that list only covers retail games and doesn't include eShop titles.

      Nintendo isn't going to have a major presentation at this year's E3 but they will be revealing more information during the show. Hopefully they'll have some big surprises for us next month.


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