Thursday, April 18, 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Wii U gameplay footage with commentary

Looks like the DLC might be coming to the Wii U after all.

Screenshot of Batman and Doomsday in Wii U version of Injustice: Gods Among Us

Update: Warner Bros. says the DLC is coming this summer.

Original Story

As I mentioned earlier this week, there has been a shortage of information on the Wii U version of Injustice: Gods Among Us. IGN has finally gotten their hands on a copy, and they have created a ten minute video which goes over the Nintendo console edition of the superhero fighter. Surprisingly, they said that this was the first time they'd seen this version themselves.

Here are a few things that they have confirmed:

-It is "exactly" like the other versions
-Wii U GamePad support with touchscreen access to combos
-Pro Controller support
-The box says DLC is coming

You read that right. The box says the downloadable content is coming but there doesn't appear to be any mention of it in the game's options menu. The staff of IGN are also reporting that currently there's no way to associate your WB ID with the game.

Fortunately, it looks like some kind of a fix is in the works. Here is a message from producer Hector Sanchez via Twitter:

Sanchez didn't say exactly what the patch will add, but it's good to know that they're working on something.

You find the gameplay video with commentary after the break.

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