Monday, April 15, 2013

Sega reveals Castle of Illusion HD, doesn't mention Wii U or 3DS versions

Mickey jumping in HD remake of Castle of Illusion

Sega recently released a trailer which teased an HD remake of their classic game Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, and the company has now confirmed that they are, in fact, working on said remake. In terms of content it will be mostly unchanged, but there will be a few new gameplay mechanics and the graphics have obviously received an overhaul to be more appealing to modern audiences.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the sidescrolling classic, it was originally released on the Sega Genesis and tells the story of Mickey Mouse's quest to save his beloved Minnie Mouse from the evil Mizrabel.

The announcement trailer clearly states that the Disney title is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC, but there is no mention of the Wii U or 3DS. This doesn't necessarily mean it won't come to either of Nintendo's systems, so we'll just have to wait and see. Trailer after the break.

Source: Joystiq


  1. Sega would be insane to not release this on Nintendo consoles! Let's just hope this is similar to the splinter cell situation and that there will be a delayed announcement for Wii U and 3DS...only time will tell!

    1. Hopefully the game will make its way to the Wii U. Seems like a good fit for the system.


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