Monday, April 29, 2013

Watch_Dogs scheduled for release in North America on November 19th, Europe on November 21st

Screenshot of video game Watch Dogs

Ubisoft has announced the official release dates for their open-world action title Watch_Dogs. The game is scheduled for release in North America on November 19th, and in Europe on November 21st.

The company also revealed that there will be four special editions as well, each of which comes with bonus material. Take a look:

  • Special Edition - available exclusively at GAME in the UK. Includes "The Breakthrough Pack" -an exclusive mission, vehicle perk, cheaper in-game cars

  • Uplay Exclusive Edition - available exclusively via Ubisoft's online Uplay website. Comes in a Steelbook case and includes three exclusive missions - the Breakthrough Pack, the Signature Shot, and Palace Pack.

  • Vigilante Edition - available exclusively at GAME in the UK and GameStop in Ireland. Comes with a replica of protagonist Aiden Pearce's baseball cap and mask, a soundtrack, the Palace Pack and fancy box.

  • Dedsec Edition - available at multiple UK retailers. Comes with all three exclusive missions mentioned above, the soundtrack, Steelbook case, an artbook, a map, collectible cards, badges and a 23cm Aiden Pearce figurine.

There's no word on whether the Wii U will receive any special editions yet, but we'll be sure and report if we hear anything. New trailer after the break.


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