Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rawbots could come to Wii U if Kickstarter is successful

Title screen of video game Rawbots

Indie developer Team Rawbots have announced that they are planning on bringing their "open-world multiplayer robot-building sandbox game" Rawbots to the Wii U. The game is currently in development for PC, Mac, and Linux, with support for additional platforms based on how much funding the project receives.

Here's a brief description from the team:

Rawbots is a robot crafting sandbox game where you can play with amazing robots, designed, built and programmed by you. A sophisticated robotics framework designed from the ground up to be a fun immersive experience accessible to the modern gamer.

The Rawbots universe has a unique set of matter, energy and physics laws. These laws are engineered to serve fun emergent gameplay that is different every time you play. Everything you would expect from a sandbox game and more. We are taking this to the next level. Gameplay that truly emerges beyond imagination and defined contextually by the type of robots you build.

Everything is a robot, doors, roads, walls, bridges, safes, traps, turrets, surveillance systems, etc. Build forts, towers and architect impressive structures to protect your planets and resources. You may play solo or with friends to infiltrate, conquer planets and gather resources.

Each player's robot can have its own universe, and friends can meet up online and play various modes, including arena battles and races. Worlds can be customized with bridges, traps, roads, forts and towers.

The goal of the game's Kickstarter is a hefty $300,000. At the time of this writing, the project has raised just over $4,500 with 31 days to go. You can check it out via the source link below. Trailer after the break.

Source: Kickstarter

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