Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Super Ubi Land will be renamed

Screenshot of video game Super Ubi Land

Notion Games working on a Wii U version of their game Super Ubi Land, a platformer which is said to be inspired by games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. Maestro Interactive Games recently teamed up with the company to help bring the indie title to the eShop.

As many gamers have commented, the name of the side-scroller reminds them of Ubisoft, one of the biggest companies in the industry. Ubisoft themselves have taken note, and they have been in touch with Notion Games to request they give it a new title. Notion have now confirmed via Twitter that the platformer will be given a new name.

Notion went on to explain that they completely understand where Ubisoft is coming from.

Ubisoft is not doing anything wrong. They're protecting their business just like any small business would.

They don't want Notion infringing on their brand. They're being fair. And I won't disagree about how awesome the game is!

Yeah, we're not too worried about the name change. If anything, it's generated some buzz.

There's still no word on what the new name will be, or when it the indie title will be released. If you want to read more about Super Ubi Land and watch some gameplay footage, check out our previous post on the game.

Source: Twitter

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