Monday, June 3, 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins DLC may not be coming to Wii U

Warner Bros. has sent out a new advertisement for the upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins which promotes the Deathstroke DLC, bonus content for those who pre-order. However, the ad has a disclaimer in fine print which says the DLC is "not available on all platforms." For those of you who can't make it out in the image above, here's what it says:

"Internet Connection Required for Downloadable Content, not available on all platforms."

The press release issued by Warner Bros. confirms that the DLC is coming to the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, but the Wii U is noticeably absent. Further confirmation that the Nintendo crowd will be missing out is the fact that the logo for the Deathstroke Pack appears on the box art for every platform but the Wii U.

While this is enough proof for most gamers that it's not coming, some are holding out hope as a few retailers have it listed for the console. Amazon, for example, currently mentions the Deathstroke DLC on the game's Wii U page. However, seeing as how the official press release confirmed it for every platform but Nintendo's new system, along with the fact that the DLC is not mentioned on the box art, it seems safe to Warner Bros. had the Wii U in mind when they said the bonus content is "not available on all platforms." Eurogamer has reached out to the publisher for confirmation. We'll update this post if the company responds.

Source: Eurogamer

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