Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pokemon Rumble U coming to Europe and North America

Screenshot of video game Pokemon Rumble U. Pikachu and three other pokemon are running around on screen.

Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon Rumble U is coming to the west. The eShop game will be released in Europe on August 15th and in North America on August 29th. As you may already know, this will be the first title that makes use of the GamePad's NFC abilities, allowing players to enter characters into the game by placing figurines on the high tech controller. The figurines are optional and will be sold exclusively at GameStop.

It appears the Big N is still trying to figure out the details for Europe. Here's what they told MCV when asked about the figurines being sold in the region:
We're still working through the plans for the small number of figurines we plan to release, and will update people in due course.

Here's a brief overview of the features in the latest entry in the Rumble series:

  • Pick up and play controls
  • Locations such as Sparkly Playland, Mysterious Forest, and Blue Sky Park
  • Ssingle player and four-player simultaneous play
  • Lots of characters to unlock
  • Plenty of collectibles
  • All 649 Pokemon discovered up to Pokemon Black & White
  • GamePad touch screen is used to activate weapons like bombs

Video after the break.

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