Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Candle coming to Wii U eShop

Screenshot of video game Candle, which is coming to the Wii U

Indie developer Teku Studios have announced that they are now officially licensed Wii U developers and will bring their upcoming adventure game Candle to Nintendo's new console. They are promising that it will not be "any kind of quick port," meaning it will be designed with the GamePad in mind. Here are a few excerpts from the Kickstarter campaign.

We love Nintendo platforms since our childhood has been full of them, so it was natural for us to go for it. We are already thinking about dedicated gameplay on Wii U - we are not doing any kind of quick port. We will designe specific gameplay features for its gamepad: all the menus, inventory and minigames will be tactile-controled on the touchscreen, as well as other unique actions concerning Teku's candle. We will talk more deeply about this when we start developing all that stuff.

Candle is a dynamic graphic adventure. It inherits the spirit of classic cinematic adventures like Out of This World or Flashback, and the gameplay mechanics of classic platformer adventures like Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus, or Heart of Darkness. However, we want it to go one step forward, and so we have brought together all the key features in those games to create a unique title focused on calm puzzle resolution but with a modern and dynamic control over the character.

For more about Candle, including screenshots and music, you can check out the game's Kickstarter via the source link below. Trailer after the break.

Source: Candle - Kickstarter.com

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