Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DuckTales Remastered - Video Review by Kwing

Screenshot of Scrooge McDuck and treasure chests in DuckTales Remastered

DuckTales Remastered was released earlier this month, and has received mostly good reviews so far. The Wii U version currently has a Metacritic average of 78 based on 9 reviews. The game is an HD remake of the classic NES platformer based on the cartoon series of the same name. It features hand drawn 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds, remixed music, and even has full voice acting by most of the cast of the show, which is quite amazing considering how long it's been since the series original TV run. The game was developed by WayForward Technologies, who are renowned for their 2D games, including Contra 4 and Mighty Switch Force.

Popular YouTube user Kwing has uploaded his video review of the Wii U version, and while he does have a few minor gripes with it, he really, really loves it. You can watch his review after the break.

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