Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zelda: Wind Waker HD features Hero Mode and first-person mode

Screenshot of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD being played on a TV with the inventory item select screen displayed on the GamePad. Link is standing on the left side of the image, and Tetra is on the right.

According to, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD features Hero Mode, which makes the game much more difficult. Enemies will deal twice as much damage, and hearts will not appear in the game world, meaning the only way to recover health is to drink a potion or use a fairy. There were rumors that the remake featured a higher difficulty setting based on the game's Amazon page , and it appears that it has been confirmed.

Of course, the normal difficulty will also be available for those who wish to play the game with the difficulty level of the original release.

In addition, the first-person camera has been enhanced and full movement is now possible while in first-person perspective. The new system allows players to aim the bow using the GamePad's tilt sensors and is said to work surprisingly well. In fact, this article by say it makes dual analog controls feel outdated.

Here are the details as summarized by a user of the NeoGAF forums.

- Triforce quest – the five Triforce pieces can now be grabbed directly
- Only the remaining three require translated charts instead of eight
- Hero Mode available from the start
- Picto Box has been upgraded
- Upgraded camera could still be used to snap photos of unsuspecting villagers or enemies
- Pictures can go up on Miiverse
- Link can also take funny self-photographs
- Switch between happy, sad, and surprised emotions
- Get the Swift Sail at the auction house after completion of the first dungeon
- No alert via an in-game prompt to signal the special sails availability
- No longer possible to accidentally skip Tingle’s island, as the developers have inserted an introduction to the quirky character into the main quest
- Enhanced first-person camera
- Can now have full movement in that perspective
- Can travel through hallways and shoot arrows like you’re in a FPS


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