Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Child of Light coming to Wii U

Screenshot of Wii U game Child of Light

Ubisoft has announced that Child of Light is coming to the Wii U. The game was inspired by Japanese RPGs and features turn-based battles as well as a co-op mode. The secondary character is Igniculus, a blue ball of energy which serves as an assist character to player one and has the power to slow down and disrupt enemies and use energy from the environment to heal the player.

Creative Director Patrick Plourde spoke to Polygon about Child of Light and explained that the idea is to bring people together, citing his desire to create a game that he and his son can both enjoy as a team. Here are a few excerpts.

I'm a father, and fairy tales are about parents telling their children stories that carry values. So one day our marketing director said, 'Why don't you make a game where you can play with your son?' and I was like, 'Ah! That's so true!'

So I had the idea of what if we took the Super Mario Galaxy approach where you have a character that helps? What if he could move around on the screen and it's not a nuisance for the parent? But the thing I felt was missing in Super Mario Galaxy was the second character is not really helping. You just collect coins. It's not a collaboration — you're more of a spectator.

Watching sports with a child, when the team scores a goal then daddy's happy and the kid is happy, then we're giving each other high-fives. You should have those moments with games. It's good to share moments and it can be with a child or it can be with anybody.

Child of Light is receiving praise for its art direction and graphics. You can watch the announcement trailer after the break.

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