Monday, October 14, 2013

Wii Party U - New Gameplay Trailer

Screenshot of swimming minigame in Wii Party U

Nintendo recently released a gameplay trailer for Wii Party U which shows off a number of minigames in the first-party title. The Big N has now released a second gameplay trailer which shows off even more minigames, including Helicopters, Gourmet Cooking, Adventures in Space, Safari Jockeys, Swimming, Karate, and much more. There are reportedly over 80 different activities in total, which should provide plenty of entertainment for those who enjoy party games.

Wii Party U is scheduled for release later this month in North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Here's the schedule:

North America & Europe - October 25, 2013
Australia - October 26, 2013
Japan - October 31, 2013

The game will include a Wii Remote Plus controller and a GamePad stand, while still having the normal $60 price tag of most major releases. Video after the break.

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