Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wii U eShop updates - 10/17/13 (North America)

Nintendo eShop logo on Wii U GamePad
There are a few newcomers to the North American Wii U eShop, and a few more coming very soon. Mighty Switch Force 2 is now available, and there are two NES games on the Virtual Console: Urban Champion, and Clu Clu Land. Starting October 22nd, Just Dance Kids 2014 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut will also be on the digital store. Details and videos after the break.

Wii U eShop

Mighty Switch Force! 2

  • $5.99
  • 2D platformer
  • Video above is for the 3DS version. There does not appear to be any Wii U footage as of this writing.
  • Patty Wagon is back, this time taking on the role of firefighter
  • Developed by WayForward, who also made the previous game

Wii U Virtual Console

Urban Champion

  • $4.99
  • 2D fighter
  • Originally released on NES
  • Just about everyone says it's not worth buying

Clu Clu Land

  • $4.99
  • Action-puzzle game
  • Originally released on NES
  • Not considered a classic by many gamers

Wii U Retail Downloads

Just Dance Kids 2014

Available starting October 22nd
Price not yet confirmed
Dancing game
From Ubisoft

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut

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