Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Child of Light - Video walkthrough with commentary

Screenshot of video game Child of Light with main character flying through a blue cave

Ubisoft recently announced that Child of Light is coming to the Wii U, and released a short trailer which showed a little gameplay footage. The company has now released a four-minute video walkthrough with commentary from lead programmer Brianna Code.

The game features side-scrolling exploration similar to other 2D titles, mixed with turn-based RPG combat. Story will play a major role, and speaking to other non-playable characters will naturally be very important. In addition, it will sport a co-op mode with the second player taking on the role of Igniculus, a blue ball of energy which serves as an assist character to player one. Igniculas has the power to slow down and disrupt enemies, as well as use energy from the environment to heal the player.

The multiplatform title runs on the acclaimed UbiART Framework engine which also powered Rayman Legends, and is being hailed by critics and average gamers alike for its art direction and graphics. It is scheduled for release in 2014, although a specific date has not been announced yet. Video after the break.

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