Friday, November 8, 2013

Wii Sports Club - Launch Trailer

Screenshot of Tennis in Wii Sports Club with the words "New HD Visuals" displayed at the bottom of the image

When Nintendo's last console was launched, they used the pack-in title Wii Sports to great effect in their advertisements, showing everyone what the main draw of the system was: the intuitive motion controls of the Wii Remote that people of all ages instantly knew how to use. The TV spots featured families playing Tennis, Bowling, and the other three mini-games while enjoying every second of it.

As most of you know by now, the Big N has just released the Tennis and Bowling portions of Wii Sports Club, the HD version of the system-seller, and the marketing is kicking into high gear. The company has released a new trailer which is very reminiscent of the old ads but points out all of the new improvements: HD graphics, online multiplayer, and new game modes.

The launch trailer also reaffirms the pricing for those of you who weren't aware. You can play all the sports for twenty-four hours by purchasing a Day Pass for $1.99, or you can buy each sport individually for $10, which grants you unlimited playtime for that particular sport. For now, Tennis and Bowling are all that's available to play, but Golf, Baseball, and Boxing are in development and shouldn't be too far behind. Video after the break.

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