Monday, December 16, 2013

CastleStorm coming to Wii U eShop on December 26th

Screenshot of Wii U version of CastleStorm

Zen Studios have confirmed that CastleStorm is coming to the Wii U eShop on December 26th. The official word came shortly after Nintendo themselves posted a listing for the game on their official website. It will be priced at $9.99 / €9.99.

The indie title mixes tower-defense elements, real time action, and 2D physics-based destruction. It features a variety of ways to play including a solo campaign, castle editor, online multiplayer, and co-op mode.

Setting the Wii U version apart from the others is Off-TV Play, the ability to play local multiplayer with one person using the GamePad while the other uses the TV, and support for touchscreen controls (though the game can be played entirely with physical buttons). Support for the Pro Controller has also been confirmed.

The other platforms received some DLC including From Outcast to Savior and The Warrior Queen campaign, but there has been no word yet on whether they will find their way to Nintendo's console.

For those of you who are interested you can find a trailer for CastleStorm after the break. The trailer features footage of the Xbox 360 version but the Wii U port should be pretty much the same. Video after the break.

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