Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trailer for Wii Sports Club Golf

Available now on the Wii U eShop

Image of Wii Sports Club Golf

The new and improved version of Golf is now available for Wii Sports Club. The game is an enhanced remake of the iconic minigame from the original Wii Sports, which makes use of Wii Remote Plus to allow for greater accuracy than ever. Club swings are now more intuitive and realistic. In addition, the GamePad can be placed on the ground and used to view your ball as it lies.

For those who have already used up their 24-hour free trial, the Big N has you covered: the company is offering an additional free trial period for you to sample the enhanced version of what is arguably the most successful system-seller in history.

The pricing scheme is still the same. For $.99, you can buy a 24-hour pass for each sport, or pay $9.99 to give you unlimited play for each sport. A new trailer has been released to mark the occasion, which shows Tennis, Golf, and Bowling in action. Video after the break.

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