Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wii U eShop updates - 6/19/14 (North America)

Nintendo eShop logo on Wii U GamePad
The North American Wii U eShop has been updated again. The are six new games on the digital store, including Pushmo World, Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition, How to Survive, Color Zen Kids, GEOM, and Super Dodge Ball. Details and videos after the break.

 Wii U eShop

Pushmo World

  • $9.99
  • Puzzle game
  • HD entry in the series, following up the popular 3DS title
  • New puzzles
  • From Nintendo

Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition

  • $7.99
  • Improved version of famous game released on just about every system in the '90s
  • Players run, shoot, and solve puzzles as they try to escape hostile beings on an alien world
  • Known for its difficulty and great atmosphere
  • Features more checkpoints for easier difficulty
  • From Digital Lounge

How to Survive

Color Zen Kids

  • $3.99
  • Entry in the colorful puzzle game series meant for kids
  • From Cypronia


Wii U Virtual Console

Super Dodge Ball

  • $4.99
  • Originally released on NES
  • From Aksys Games

Wii U eShop Promotional Discount

Toki Tori 2+

  • $6 until July 3rd (normally $14.99)
  • Puzzle-platformer
  • From Two Tribes

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