Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wii U eShop updates - 7/31/14 (North America)

Nintendo eShop logo on Wii U GamePad
There are some new arrivals on the North American Wii U eShop. In no particular order, they are XType PlusFrederic: Resurrection of MusicIQ Test, and Mega Man Battle Network. That last one is sure to be the most popular of the group. In addition, the price of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is about to drop in a few days. Details and videos after the break.

Wii U eShop

XType Plus

  • $2.99 (Update: A major glitch has been discovered, and this game is unavailable until the developer fixes the bug)
  • 2D Shoot 'em up
  • Developed on Nintendo Web Framework
  • From Phobos Lab

Frederic: Resurrection of Music

  • $5.99
  • Music adventure game
  • Port of title originally released on PC and smart devices
  • Features "megatons of humor," over one hour of animated comic footage, and a dozen remixes of classical music
  • From Forever Entertainment S.A.

IQ Test

  • Priced at $3.99 during launch, normal price will be $4.99
  • Multiplayer party game
  • Players try to prove and raise their IQ with different challenges
  • From Ninja Pig Studios

Wii U Virtual Console

Mega Man Battle Network

  • $7.99
  • Action RPG
  • Spin-off from the classic Mega Man universe, takes place in alternate reality
  • Battles take place on 3 x 6 grid
  • From Capcom

Price Reduction

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Box art for Wii U version of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

  • $29.99 starting on August 4th (down from $39.99
  • Fourth numbered entry in the best-selling series
  • Received good reviews
  • From Ubisoft

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